Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Nursery

I'm way late posting these pictures but better late than never. And I promise the nursery did get done before the baby was born...only a few days before but thats ok. So when I was trying to plan for the nursery I wanted something modern and wanted to use greys and yellows. I did NOT want a themed nursery. I looked everywhere for bedding and was even willing to make it but couldn't even find fabric that I liked. Every time I went looking and came home disappointed Ethan would say that it would be cool to have a sports theme in the nursery. Ethan is a sports fanatic for those of you who don't know. I kept saying no, I don't want a theme like that plus all the sports bedding I've seen has been so cheesy. I kept looking but couldn't find anything like I had pictured in my head. My mom and I went to pottery barn kids and there was a sports bedding that I actually really liked. I took this as a sign and decided to go with it since my husband would love it and Trey probably will too when he gets a little bigger. So it wasn't what I originally wanted but I think it turned out cute anyways. Here are the pics:

Here is a close up of the name sign. I'm proud of it because I made that frame by myself. I bought molding and a miter box and paint. I would have gladly bought a frame but I couldn't find one that were the right dimensions for the size of wall letters I bought. It was a lot of work but I like the way it turned out.

I think these sheets are so adorable. Again, it is hard to find sports bedding that isn't totally cheesy.

I ordered toddler jerseys of Ethan's favorite teams - The Utah Jazz and the BYU Cougars. I know Trey will be a fan too. For the middle piece, I bought a frame and took out the glass. I sprayed the glass with chalkboard paint and then I wrote the Jazz game schedule on it. In the fall it will change to the Cougars schedule.

The sports balls above the dresser/changing table were actually purchased at Hobby Lobby. I looked for forever for some type of sports art that I liked but I didn't want anything in frames since I already had so many in the room. Everything I found was super expensive. Then I found these antique looking metal sports balls and I loved them and loved the price at 50% off!

And here is Dexter enjoying my awesome rocking chair that I love. It actually fits my little body so I can reach the floor! And thats the nursery. I know Trey doesn't appreciate it yet but I like having a nursery that's put together and that I feel good about. Oh and Ethan likes it too :)


Haley Hill said...

That is so darling Mayce! I seriously love it! Except for the BYU part...but the chalkboard and the framed jersey's are great. Good work and post more pics of your sweet baby!

Unknown said...

I love it!! I love the chalkboard - what a great idea! I finally finished Stella's nursery and she's six months old. I don't really feel bad about it. :)

Grama Linda said...

It is so cute. Love It... Love It!
I know Trey will think it's awesome too. OK, we need more pictures of that cute son of yours!!!
Love You!!

Jena said...

Very cute, Mayce! And very original.

Ashley W. said...

It turned out super cute! I love the game schedule idea! Trey will love it when he gets older.

Tiffany and Mike said...

Mayce! The nursery is so cute, i love it! Such a cute idea to put the game schedules ;) So I found a recliner/rocker small enough to fit my short body too, a necessity! I bet you are the cutest mommy!

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

I love it!! Nicely done Mayce! I can totally relate to what you were saying in the beginning. I wanted greys and yellows and I was about to make mine I finally found the perfect print and shades of color. It was so frustrating and looking for bedding was so discouraging. I too thought all the sport stuff was so cheesy. I looked at pottery barn kids too and didn't like any of theirs. But you do a good job. I love the chalk board idea! When I painted my canvas I was so proud too, because it was sooooo much work free sketching every single detail. Trey's sign turned out great! I could not imagine making a frame. Good job! You should be very proud of your self! And I hope you feel better knowing you were not alone in this nursery hunt!

Ibiam said...

Congrats on your little baby boy. He is adorable:) They grow up so fast mine is already crawling all over the house :)