Monday, August 30, 2010

One Lucky Momma

This post is kinda just me bragging about how awesome my family is. I've been a little overwhelmed by the amount of things I will need for this little man in my tummy. I wish money grew on trees or at least that teachers got paid better. It's been a challenge supporting myself, my husband, and my two pups on a teaching salary and now we are adding a baby to the mix. Needless to say I don't have much money left over after the bills to buy the things I want for my little guy. Luckily I have an awesome family who always helps out when I need something. Here are a few a my favorite things that my amazing family has got for me and the babe:

This cute Graco travel system is curtesy of my sweet Grandma Hyer who I have always adored. I liked this one because it has boy colors but the pattern is cute for both girls and boys.

My stylish little sis. got me my petunia pickle bottom diaper bag that I have been swooning over. She totally surprised me with it at my baby shower. And yes, she is so cool that she even filled the bag with awesome baby toys and the cutest ralph lauren romper I've ever seen.

Having a good, comfortable chair to rock and feed my baby in was very important to me. It was one of the things I cared most about. However, I'm picky. It needed to be the right size for me since I'm short. That was harder than I thought - my feet dangled off the ground in most of them which wouldn't be conducive to rocking. I also wanted a very dark brown and either leather or vinyl chair (that way I could easily wipe up any diaper blowouts or spit-up that happened on the chair). When my dad realized how much I was struggling to find a chair in my price range, he graciously decided to buy me the perfect chair for my birthday. Note: this is not the actual chair, I couldn't find a picture of my chair but it looks similar to this one.

Even though I'm a little embarrassed to put this gift up, I'm very grateful for it. I want my baby to be able to take a bottle but I also want to give him all the benefits of breast milk so having this top of the line medela electric double breast pump will be a huge blessing. Thanks mom for the great gift that will hopefully allow for me and Ethan to have a date night every once in awhile! Since my mom is also giving us a dresser, the only big purchase Ethan and I have left is the crib.

I also have to thank my awesome in-laws, extended family, and friends for the wonderful baby shower gifts. (Utah friends: your thank-you cards are coming soon). Trey's grandma Thomas has already spoiled him with adorable clothes, pajamas, shoes, bassinet, and baby bath. He is one lucky boy and I am one lucky momma. Thanks again!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cabo Trip!

I know, I know I'm horrible at blogging. I won't lie, I'm not going to get any better over these next 3 1/2 months while I'm teaching full time and getting ready for our little guy to join us. Sorry! Hopefully after I'm done working I'll make a little more time for it. We will see. Anyways, my awesome, vacation loving dad decided to take the family on a trip to Cabo this summer. We were all so excited about the opportunity to relax, go swim at the beach, and eat yummy food in Mexico. My niece Piper had a blast swimming in the amazing and warm hotel pools. Here are some pics of the trip:

Me and Ethan by the hotel pool

Here we are in front of the famous Cabo Arch. It was really so pretty

The girls on our snorkeling adventure. We took an hour and a half boat ride to get to this snorkeling spot and when we got their, the guide told us that there are jelly fish in the water so to go at our own risk. We all looked over the boat at the water and saw swarms of small jelly fish. I was nervous but we thought we would give it a try. The second we jumped in Becca said I think I got stung. I said No you are just imagining it, keep going. Well we all started getting stung so after 10 minutes we started swimming for dear life back to the boat. Becca had welts on her bikini line, stomach, and arm. Ethan had several on his arms, Ivy got it on her leg, and I had it on my arms! Those jelly fish got us good but the boat ride out there was fun!

Ethan and I enjoying our virgin pina coladas on our boat ride! And yes it was basically a booze cruise!

Here is the whole gang right before we left to catch our plane back home. Sad sad. No one was ready to leave just yet.