Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HAHA! Best Commercial Ever!

Ethan and I saw this commercial on TV the other night and couldn't stop laughing! Ethan kept saying "don't you dare look at me and then at him!" Aren't funny commercials the best? Here it is for your viewing pleasure...Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome to the family Dexter!

I have been wanting another dog ever since we moved to New Mexico. The reason being that our dog Zoey has been very depressed since we brought her here. She doesn't have any friends here. In Utah she played with Ethan's parents dogs Kanye and Coco every week. She also played with our upstairs neighbors dog Ellie all the time. She loved her life in Utah but since we came to Albuquerque she has been lonely and depressed. She even gained 3 pounds! She was eating her feelings! I gave Ethan lots of not so subtle hints about getting a new dog. He came through on Valentines with a little Westie (the Caesar dog). We named him Dexter. He's a little beast but we love him and Zoey is happy and has her energy back! He's adjusted to his new environment very quickly, in fact he never missed a beat. He's a great addition to our family! Hope the potty training goes quickly! Here are some pics of the little guy!