Monday, October 12, 2009

Living in New Mexico

I know it's been forever since I have blogged and I probably shouldn't be blogging now. I'm at school and my students are working on an assignment. Life has been pretty crazy the past three months but so far it's been going by pretty fast. Sometimes Ethan is at school from 8 am to 10pm. I hate those nights, especially since I now cannot sleep until he is home. Lame I know but it's true. I miss having Ethan's family around and having my family visit often. Being a first year teacher is about as hard as I figured it would be but the funny thing is that the actual teaching really isn't too difficult, it's dealing with all the district and school stuff that's been frustrating. But I have had a lot more good days than bad days and I think that's a pretty big blessing. Ethan is enjoying his classes (most of them) and working hard. Our poor puppy has been a little neglected - she got used to one of us being around for her since Ethan and I used to work different hours. Anyways, I'm going to be an aunt for the first time in December which i'm excited about, I just hope I'll be able to see the baby. I also wish I had time to make her some clothes before she comes but I'll just have to wait for the summer to sew. Anyways, here are some Thomas family pictures from right before Ethan and I moved.