Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break

Last week was Ethan's spring break and even though we have a ton to do to prepare for our move to Vegas, we also wanted to have fun with Trey and do something we haven't done yet in Albuquerque. Ethan and I don't really consider ourselves outdoors people. Don't get me wrong we like certain outdoors activities like going to the beach, swimming, watching outdoor sports and so on. What we don't really like is hiking, rock climbing, camping, bugs, and dirt! So for those reasons we haven't been to the mountains here in Albuquerque and I would have been fine never going if it weren't for Trey. He is an outdoors, get dirty, rock loving kind of boy. I knew he would love going to the mountains so we hopped in the car and made the drive to the Sandia Peak. He loved every second of it. He got to play in snow for the first time since both times we were in Utah this winter there was no snow! While Ethan was running from bugs and I was watching for bears (there were warning signs I swear) and trying not to get dirty, Trey was climbing tree stumps, collecting rocks, jumping in snow, and running through trees. Yes our boy loves the outdoors and I'll do my best to let him have as many experiences as possible even if I have to get dirty! Here are some pics of our adventures. Oh and his hair is crazy because he fell asleep in the car on the way there which made it look kind of funky, plus he needs another cut.

Trey trying to push me away so he can go back to the rocks he was climbing

His two favorite things: rocks and climbing

The view

intrigued by the snow

loving life

Chillin on top of a tree stump

Sunday, March 11, 2012

So far behind

I have not blogged in forever. Life is pretty busy with an active toddler and a husband in his last semester in law school. Also my old Mac broke. Luckily my sweet husband got me an iPad for Christmas but blogging on an iPad isn't as easy as a laptop. We got to spend time with both families over the last few months and we had a blast. I will do some separate posts on those trips soon. Trey loved playing with his cousin Piper especially and we can't wait to move to Vegas in two months and spend more time with his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. He is growing up so fast and we love him more that anything. Here are a few things he is doing at this age that I want to remember: - He loves playing with rocks and dirt...seriously those would be his favorite toys. I find rocks all over the house from when he comes with me to take the dogs out.
- He loves watching Curious George but will only watch it while he lays on my chest and rests his head on my shoulder...probably the sweetest thing ever.
- Another of his favorite things is watching the dogs play fight...he always gets in the middle of them to join in the fun.

- He loves eating vegetables, especially corn and beans - Obsessed with water. Every time he finds a cup he runs to the sink or tub because he wants to fill it up with water. I can't wait to take him to the parks in Vegas that have splash pads.
- Blows us kisses every night before bedtime and after the kisses he claps.

- He does something we call the blind happens right before bet time when he gets so tired that he starts acting drunk. He will close his eyes tight and start running around the house laughing hysterically. We have to chase him around to make sure he doesn't run into corners!

We love this boy so much :) Here are some pics of the last few months...such a stud!

Mommy's little man

Are you sure I can't climb up this slide?

No mom, I promise I'm not trying to escape out the front gate :)

Yes mom I can totally rock the bed head and tongue hanging out look...See?!