Monday, November 1, 2010

My new friend

This is my new friend Kitty. I started noticing her around my school in the morning about 2 weeks ago. I tried to get her attention a few times but she would just run off. Then about a week ago she was sitting outside my classroom so I ran in and got her some milk. She loved it. From that point on she started hanging out around my room. I bought some cat food and started putting it out for her. She would come into my room during my breaks and hang out. Soon she wanted me to play with her and pet her (yes I wash my hands after I touch her). Even though I've always been a dog person, I bonded with this cat. I call her Kitty and every morning at about 6:50 when I get to school I find Kitty waiting for me under my porch. She starts meowing like crazy the second she sees me. I've been desperately trying to find Kitty a home. I would even take Kitty home if it weren't for the fact that my two dogs freak out every time they see a cat. I have asked all my classes if anyone is interested in a cat and emailed all the teachers at my school. I even got Ethan to email his whole school to see if anyone would be interested in adopting Kitty. It breaks my heart to see homeless animals. I've even started coming to my school on weekends to feed Kitty. I'm becoming the crazy cat lady which is ironic considering I know nothing about cats and have never owned a cat in my life. I told Ethan that we have to figure something out for Kitty before I go on maternity leave but I'm hoping we figure it out way before then. I hate thinking about her sleeping under the school portables in the cold. I'm just a big animal lover - Ethan thinks I need to start working for PETA but I told him it would make me too depressed. If anyone has any ideas for what I could do with Kitty let me know

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