Tuesday, November 2, 2010

**Update on last post**

My dear sweet husband knew how distressed I have been over Kitty so he found her a home. A lady who works at his law school has been wanting to add a female cat to her family. She lost her female cat to old age last year and she and her husband have been wanting another cat. They already have a male cat and a few dogs and they think Kitty would fit right in. Apparently dogs and cats can live together in harmony once they get used to each other - who knew! I was so happy when Ethan told me about them. Kitty deserves a good home, even though I'll miss having her greet me at my classroom every morning. I've honestly become increasingly stressed over Kitty because she has been getting more and more needy of me every day. She just wants to hang out and have me pet her all day long. She just waits outside my classroom for me to have a break and come see her. I'm so glad she will now have a home with 2 people taking care of her and giving her the love and attention she needs. Even though my husband thinks I'm crazy I know he secretly likes that I care so much about animals and I know he does too or else he wouldn't have gone to all the effort to find her a home. Thanks babe for lifting this weight off my shoulders and making Kitty and I happy!

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