Monday, February 23, 2009

Thomas Family Picture

This picture was taken over Thanksgiving weekend and yes I am just now getting it posted but what can you do right? My sister in law, Courtney is experiencing college life as a Freshman at UVU. I don't know if i'd say she's enjoying it but she has had some fun times and made some good friends (I know that because we work together at Allyse's Bridal and she has made friends with all the cute, fun girls there). Court is definately full of life and I think she's enjoyed having a sister for the first time in her life just as i've enjoyed having a second sister. My brother in law Chase is still working his way up at Wells Fargo and he is enjoying living with all his buddies in a house near the U of U. He has a new girlfriend so instead of leaving right after dinner on Sunday he has actually been staying around with Jessica and hanging out with the family. We are loving it. Mona is still enjoying her work and I enjoy teasing her about how she puts in way more hours than secondary education teachers. She doesn't get home until between 5 and 6 everyday but when I was student teaching at the junior high and high school I noticed all the teachers left half an hour after the bell rang. Kelly got a new job and is enjoying it so far. He is still the "dog whisperer" in the family. Whenever he's around all the dogs want to be around him. Hey when you've got it, you've got it right?!

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JENNIE! said...

hey mayce! Minneapolis... cool! I have some cute pictures of you and ethan and your family. Send me your email and I will get them to you. My email is jenniemarie (at) cox (dot) net