Monday, February 23, 2009

Four and Counting!

Well it's been an exciting few weeks for us. Ethan has been accepted into four law schools so far and we are waiting to hear back from a couple more. So far he has been offered a spot at St. Thomas (our first choice due to the full tuition scholarship), Drake University, Gonzaga University, and Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Getting the scholarship at St. Thomas has kind of taken the excitement out of getting accepted at these other schools because we know that we can't turn down that kind of offer but it's still nice to know that several schools are intersted in my husband. Gonzaga was at the top of our list besides University of Utah and UNLV because of it's beautiful campus, decent weather, outdoor activities, and low cost of living (from what we heard) but we are getting excited about the prospect of living in Minneapolis. It's nice to know that we will have family there (at least for 1 year) while my brother Calder finishes his last year of law school and his wife Ivy works towards her degree in Engineering.

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