Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trey at the Zoo

Last Friday Ethan came home from school and said he had a surprise for Trey and I.  He was going to take us out for a "Thomas family fun day" that Saturday.  He must have known that Trey and I were feeling a little restless in our small apartment.  Me and my little buddy have at least one outing a day but it is nice to have a break from the usual routine.  So Ethan took us to the Albuquerque Zoo and I must say we were quite impressed.  I expected it to be pretty small but it had all the animals that we would have wanted.  Trey LOVED every second of it!  He was very fascinated with the pink flamingos and the gorillas but his favorite part was the duck pond where you could buy food and throw it in for them to eat.  He attempted to throw food to the ducks for a good 30 minutes before we had to pry him away.  He almost fell in a few times.  Ethan learned to just hang on to his hood to keep him from swimming with the ducks.  Next time we know to save the duck pond for last :) I liked the fact that they had the peacocks loose and they just wandered around the zoo.  Such a beautiful bird.  Hopefully we will make it back one more time before we move to Vegas in 2 WEEKS!!!


McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

How cute Mayce!!! I love how much he was into the duck pound!! If we come visit Vegas we will have to meet up! And I agree peacocks are so whimsical! I love the fact they are so peaceful to walk around and just hang out too!

Unknown said...

2 weeks??? That's crazy but so fun for you guys!!