Sunday, October 23, 2011

When Grandma came to town

Trey and I were so excited when Grandma Thomas told us she bought a ticket to come visit us. We were counting down the days! She was here all last week and we had a blast! I must say Trey is extremely lucky to have two sets of grandparents who love him to pieces. He is the only grandchild so far on the Thomas side so he tends to get extra spoiled. Grammy took him to the aquarium, park, Old Town, pumpkin patch, toy store, and lots of restaurants! We had quite a week! I especially enjoyed that grammy woke up with Trey every morning so I got to sleep in a little! We miss her already! Here are some pics of grammy's visit

Trey swinging at the park and loving every minute of it.

Grammy and Trey eating breadsticks at Trey's favorite restaurant...Olive Garden (Aunt Becca will be so happy!)

Playing dress up at an Old Town shop. He actually liked this Daniel Boone hat and totally rocks the look!

Getting showered with love. Trey kept giving Grammy kisses at this Old Town restaurant but of course I couldn't get a good one on camera.

Trey with Daddy and Grammy

At the aquarium...Trey just wanted to touch all the fish.

Thanks for an awesome week Mona. Now Trey and I will be counting down to Christmas so he can see all the Thomas family and the Huntington's too!

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