Sunday, April 3, 2011

Utah Trip!

Ethan had his spring break a few weeks ago and we jumped on the opportunity to visit family in Utah. We spent more time with my family over Christmas break so we thought it would be fair to spend some extra time with Ethan's family. But since my family was only 6 hours away and my Grandma has an apartment in Salt Lake, they decided a road trip to Utah would be fun. So we got to spend time with both families. When the time came to go back home, Trey and I were having too much fun and didn't want to go so we extended our vacation another week and a half. Ethan headed back to school and we kept on playing. It's hard not having any family around so any chance I have to visit with them I am going to take. I really want Trey to know both sides of his family and be comfortable with them. To help this process we also try to skype regularly with both families. Here are a bunch of pictures of our Utah trip.

The Huntington clan at our favorite place - Olive Garden!

Family picture - I wish that my Dr. Pepper wasn't taking the spotlight

Mommy loves her baby boy!

All the girls plus Trey

Trey with both his Grandmas. What a lucky boy
My mom with her first Grandson. My sister in law has a boy on the way and we are so excited!
Trey with his Aunt Courtney. The two hoodrats!
Hanging out with the boys!

My sweet little bumbo boy!

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McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

Very cute, he looks just like Ethan. How fun that you were able to see both families!!! Such a blessing!