Sunday, February 6, 2011

2 months and lots of smiles!

Well my baby is 2 months old already. It's gone by fast but at the same time I feel like i've had him for forever. He is such a sweet little guy and Ethan and I are truly so blessed to have him in our lives. He has me wrapped around his little finger and I don't mind one bit. We went to the pediatrician last week and learned he is in the 50th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. Completely proportional :) He had to get his shots and did pretty well with them. He only cried for about 2 minutes after it happened and was fine for the next 4 hours. Then he woke up from his nap screaming and we got him some baby tylenol to help soothe the pain. It's the worst feeling as a mom to hear your baby in pain and not be able to make it go away but luckily he only cried for about 30-40 minutes. I've had friends whose babies cried for 3 hours straight after their shots. He is a champ. Here are some pictures of my little stud.

Here we are at the pediatricians office. Such a cute little pot belly

My happy little guy!

So happy that his Grandma Thomas came to visit!

Enjoying a night out on the town

Enjoying some daddy time


Lanea Sampson said...

Oh my gosh!!! He is soooo cute!!! Good work, Ethan and Mayce!

Haley Hill said...

He's such a doll!

Ashley D said...

He is the PERFECT mix of you and Ethan - I see you, I see Ethan, he is adorable!!

Jena said...

ahhh, such a cutie! Isn't it the best thing to see him smile? Congrats again, Mayce & Ethan, your son is just a doll!

Young People in Love said...

AHHHHHHH!!!! His face! He looks JUST like Ethan! I love him!

McKinley said...

I am glad he was good after the shots. Thank goodness for Baby Tylenol. I love the photo of him sleeping on Ethan's chest. Isn't that the best?!?