Monday, October 25, 2010

33 Weeks Pic

Alright, so Ethan makes me take pictures like all the time. Unfortunately I hate most of the pictures because they have basically all been taken at 6:30 in morning in our poorly lit apartment so I have been bad about posting them. But thanks to the harassment of my family I'm finally putting one up. This picture was taken at 33 weeks and 4 days. I definitely feel bigger every day now. He is growing so much. I finished painting the nursery this weekend and now I'm just waiting for a couple things I ordered to come in so I can finish it completely. I know I'm probably putting more effort into this nursery than I should since we will only be in it for another year or so but it's worth it to me. Ethan says that the baby won't care what it looks like but I said that I will be spending almost as much time in their as the baby and I DO care! Luckily Ethan typically ends up liking and appreciating what I do. Anyways back to the pic, here it is:

So other than me becoming larger by the second, I've just been working and trying to get everything ready for our addition. Ethan has been working hard at law school and stressing out about Cougar football. We have also been trying to give our pups a lot of attention because they will probably feel a little neglected when we bring home the baby. Here are our babies enjoying some quality daddy time


Grama Linda said...

You are one cute lil'mama! We are so excited for you and Ethan.

Young People in Love said...

Next: baby room pics.

Good work.

becca mackay said...

You look so cute! I love your baby belly! I want to come see the nursery :((