Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boating at Lake Mead

Last weekend my Dad, Ethan, Ivy, Piper, and I went boating with a family friend out at Lake Mead.  It was prettier than I ever remember it being and I loved being out on the water.  I wish I could have water skied but Ethan kind of talked my out of it.  He didn't want anything to happen to our son and I couldn't argue there.  So I enjoyed the ride and I did take my turn on the tube.  My 6 month old niece Piper Loved going fast on the boat.  She was in this huge life jacket that she hated but the second the boat started going she would stop crying and enjoy the ride.  She even took a ride in the tube and loved it.  The girl has a need for speed!  Ethan hasn't spent too much time at the lake in his life so this was the first time he went water skiing and I had no faith that he would get up on his first try.  He proved me wrong and got up every time he tried.  I was quite impressed!  We saw plenty of fish and we even fed some ducks...I can never resist!  Here are some pics of our adventure at the Lake! 

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McKinley said...

How fun Mayce! I love boat trips. There is something about the water that makes summer so much fun ahaha. I am happy you were able to enjoy it while still being pregnant.