Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goals for Summer Break

Since I'm very lucky to have 2 1/2 months off this summer (another perk of teaching), I'm setting some goals of what I want to accomplish. I figure if I write them down for people to actually see them, I might be more motivated to do them. So here they are:

1. Sew, sew, sew. I have a ton of projects in my head and lots of fabric to use up.
2. Cook a lot! I have found so many recipes that I'm dying to try but since I work full time
I am usually too tired or I don't have enough time to make a lot of recipes. Plus I'll be
at home and cooking for my parents so I think they will buy the ingredients!
3. Work out - this is going to be the hardest goal to accomplish. I am lazy by nature and I
hate running, hate being sweaty, and hate wearing tennis shoes (I know that last one is
weird but it's true). But despite all that I really do want to get in shape, so I will try!
4. Spend time with my husband. Since law school stole him away from me this year, I
have really missed having him around. Hopefully his internship won't be as grueling
as his first year of law school and we can actually find time to do things together.
5. Get our new dog Dexter completely trained! This is definitely the most ambitious of
my goals and you would know this if you have met little Dex! He is one stubborn pup!
He is cuter than cute but very mischievious!

Well, wish me luck! I know it's early to be posting about summer but I'm seriously counting down the days! I can't wait to be home with my family and it's so awesome that I'll be there with Becca and Davis, Calder, Ivy, and Piper, and my parents! I also can't wait to hang out with my grams! I miss them all so much! And another exciting thing about being in Vegas is Utah is so close that we can do weekend trips to visit Ethan's family and our friends! Yay!! Seriously can it just be summer already!


McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

Yes... who doesn't love summer and all of the fun activities that go along with it. You forgot to mention the wonderful warmth and sun! That is what I am looking forward too!

Ivy said...

I have all the same goals (except the dog one...) - let's help each other! I need to start working out so bad - I just can't get into a routine.

vocalise said...

I gotta hand it to ya. Haven't even thought that far. Good for YOU.

Lisi said...

I found you! ha! I saw a link on Ashley's page with your name on it and I thought, how many Mayce's can there be? I'm so glad to see you and your husband are doing so well, and that you are still sewing! :)lisi

Ibiam said...

I can not wait for summer also. I love your goals it is always fun to have spare time do what you want to do. Enjoy it !!!! I love the old spice commercial it is way too funny :) By the way we added to our family baby boy Mekhi arrived 2 1/2 weeks ago.