Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Late Father's Day Post

My sister gave a talk at church on Father's day. She mentioned a study done at some University where they asked a group of children why they loved their dads. All of them said they loved their dad because he spent time with them and played with them. It's crazy to think of what a huge impact you can have on a child just by giving them your time. Kids don't care about how much money you're making or how gourmet your dinners are. They don't care about how many blog posts you do or how many things you can sew in a week. They care about how much time you spend with them. Even though Trey is just a baby, he still notices when my attention is somewhere else or when we aren't playing with him as much as usual. He still wants our time. Even though Ethan has been so busy with school and now his internship with the Las Vegas DA's office, he still tries to make time for his son. Trey can be in such a bad mood but the second he sees his daddy walk through the door, he puts on a big smile and gets happy because he knows daddy is going to play with him. Ethan was the first one to get him to laugh and he still can get him laughing better than the rest of us. I know he will be there to teach our kids to play sports. He will be there to one day give Trey advice on girls. He will take us on fun family vacations. He will listen when our kids need someone to talk to. I know that no matter how busy Ethan gets, he will always make time for his family. We are lucky to have such a great Father/Husband! We love you babe, Happy Father's Day!

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McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

Isn't it amazing?!? The greatest reward to children is your time, they don't want the toy or candy as much as they want you to play with. Funny story I was watching Maury once... a very long time ago like 14 or something. And it was the show where the parents have crazy out of control kids and there is a boot camp sergeant there to work with the kids. The sargeant gets in this little boys face and starts yelling, the kids makes some smarky remark and the sergeant gets in his face and yells louder "Do you want me to be your daddy son? Do you?" the little boy burst into histarical tears saying "Yes!!! I want a dad!" I too start crying thinking of how painful it must be for this child to not have a dad to play with or spend time with. And that the reason he was acting out was because of the pain he was feeling. It truly broke my heart! I think that is why Heavenly Father makes babies so dependable in the beginning it trains us as parents to spend unconditional time with them, and that is how out babies know we love them!!! Cute post!!! Ethan seems like a great dad!!