Thursday, March 3, 2011


Even though this video is horrible quality and shows my lack of video taking skills, I couldn't resist putting it up. My parents will be mad because they got me an amazing video camera for Christmas but my camera was on the couch when he started giggling so I couldn't risk running off to get my nice camera...sorry guys. Trey is doing the cutest big laughs but of course I can never catch those. Luckily his small giggle noises are pretty cute too. Enjoy!

I love this little face!


McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

hahaha so cute! I love the noises babies make. I did the exact same thing too. I couldn't get my nice video camera so I just did the voice recording on my phone. At least you got to document some of it huh?!? Hopefully you will get him to give a big gut laugh and then you can post it on here for all of us to see and hear. He is so cute!

Grama Linda said...

That just made my day! Trey is such a cute little guy. Thanks for sharing