Sunday, September 12, 2010

27 Weeks!

Well I wish I could say that time is flying by but it's not. Now that i'm getting into the final stretch, I feel like each day is a week. I'm dying to meet my little man and Ethan is surprisingly as impatient as I am. We both want him here now but I know he needs to cook in there a bit longer. It's actually a good thing I have 3 months left (or so I keep telling myself) because I have not yet started on the nursery. I have basically everything I need but I'm waiting for my parents to come and bring me the dresser and take the queen bed out of the nursery. I also need to find out if I can paint. Does anyone know? Anyways some things that have developed in the last week:

- Painting my toe nails is extremely difficult and uncomfortable
- Bending over in general won't be happening for the next 3 months
- Heart burn, heart burn, heart burn
- Looking down at my belly and seeing it move as he kicks is awesome (though that's been happening for a long time now)
- Bulges on the right side of my belly and me and Ethan trying to figure out what body part of his the bulge belongs to
- Ethan talking to him gets him kicking like crazy! It's so cute!
- And finally, the realization that my belly button will not be an inny much longer. It's hanging on for dear life at the moment.

I have to admit I have had a very easy pregnancy so far. I'm a lucky duck. I'm just an impatient lucky duck. Oh well, he will be worth the wait. Here is a 27 week picture. It's hard to believe I've only gained 13 pounds when I feel so huge.


Ashley W. said...

Oh you are tiny! Yes, the wait is awful. However, you are on the homeward stretch now. Also, heartburn means he will have hair!

Karen said...

you look so cute!!

Jena said...

You look great, Mayce! My belly button is doing the same thing! Justin thinks it's hilarious because when I lay down and he makes me laugh it looks like a little volcano top.

I've been told painting is probably bad at this point. Some women say it's ok in the 2nd trimester, but not so much now. You're call though.

Courtney said...

13 pounds! How are you so lucky =) I tend to put on the weight thanks to my ridiculous sweet tooth problems that I give in to. You look darling and I'm so happy everything is going great. I'm excited to see that nursery, knowing you it will be SO cute!

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

You look super cute!! You are so lucky that you haven't gained a lot of weight! As far as painting I would say its a no go, because of all the chemicals. I know a girl who was pregnant once and she would not be in a room that was freshly painted. But talk to your doctor first. They know everything. I miss my 2nd trimester... it was the best! And your right bending over gets so annoying the bigger you get! You should spend the money and get pedicures from here on out. They feel amazing especially if your feet get swollen. I can't wait for you only 3 short months away!!!

Jackie Welling said...

How did I not know you had a blog?!? i'm so excited for you guys!