Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Huntington/Thomas Family Pictures

This is taken in our backyard. I think it's so pretty back there!

AWWW!! How cute is our little Zoey?!

Does black and white make our family look more sophisticated? I think so!

The whole clan in the family room with the Christmas tree as our backdrop. Love it

When we were all home for Christmas my mom had my talented cousin Jenni come and do some family pictures for us. Me and Ethan were even able to have our own family portrait taken with our dog Zoey!


Grama Linda said...

I love all of the pictures... You guys are one beautiful family!!!

I feel pretty lucky to be related!!!
Love You

Ivy said...

What a good looking family! I think the bearded man is especially attractive!!

Jenn said...

Hey you! I didn't know you had a blog, that is great, now I can check it all the time. So I love the family pictures, so cute! And congrats to you both on Ethan getting accepted to law school, that is HUGE. Yay for good news!

defining amy said...

These pictures are adorable. I didn't know you guys had a blog either. Hidden treasure. You guys are the coolest couple/trio incluing Zoe. Love ya!
Cousin/Cousin in law,